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If you’ve just stopped taking drugs, your mind and your body’s going through a big adjustment period, maybe even potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms. This is a trying time and regardless of the drug you used, your body and mind are likely all over the place. Drug withdrawal symptoms vary in duration and intensity, the most painful symptoms lasting anywhere from 4 days to a month depending on the drug (including prescription drugs), but it can feel like it’s lasting forever! If you find yourself dealing with cognitive problems such as difficulty with memory during this time, don’t think you’re going crazy. It’s a normal part of drug recovery to feel confused or forget things. Getting formal treatment will help make sure you have a safe, tolerable withdrawal. However, understand that there could be other lifestyle habits that are causing or exacerbating your memory problems. Here are possible memory loss culprits to avoid so you can improve your cognitive functioning and remember where those keys are or who you were supposed to see at that meeting! If you’re highly stressed, and who isn’t, this can cause memory and attention problems. There are healthy ways to deal with stress Some helpful activities include taking up a sport or exercise, doing something creative, joining a book club – there are hundreds of them! Chronic stress can lead to depression if left untreated. Research published in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences found that depression can affect how your brain functions. By keeping stress at bay, you’ll improve your brain’s cognitive ability. Substance use disorders often lead to or include unhealthy eating patterns. This starves your brain of nutrients it needs to stay healthy. For instance, if you are severely low in vitamin B12 , this can lead to confusion. Once you get back into a healthy lifestyle and eating plan, you’ll make your brain healthier and those feelings of confusion will likely subside. It’s worth noting that vitamins such as B12 are also thought to be important to see this page prevent the risk of dementia as you get older . Trouble with memory is common during early recovery, but often it’s reversible. If you feel that your cognitive function isn’t healing as time goes on, it’s worth chatting to your doctor who knows about your substance use history so that you can find out if he/she feels more tests are needed.

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why does vicodin give you energy